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6 Ways To Improve Your Mountain Bike Skills

6 Ways To Improve Your Mountain Bike Skills New to mountain biking? Reached a plateau in your skill level? Focus on these few tips on how to improve: Ride on Different Terrain Improving your mountain biking skills will happen when you diversify the types of riding you...

Be Smart, Be Safe: 5 Cycling Safety Tips For Commuters.

Be Smart, Be Safe: 5 Cycling Safety Tips For Commuters Be smart and keep safe while biking to work in an urban environment. The following 5 Cycling Safety Tips For Commuters can be utilized on your way to work, or wherever you want to go, that involves riding a bike...

Top 10 Bike Maintenance Tips:

A very basic safety check consists of holding the front wheel between your knees and trying to twist the handlebars from side to side. Then try to push the brake lever hoods towards the ground. This checks that your stem and handlebar bolts are all tight. Next, pull...

You ride my reputation!

The work I do for my customers is very important, and this is why I get so much repeat business. But every bike taken in for repair or service isn't taken for granted, I treat each bike and each customer as though I'm are starting from scratch, earning my reputation....

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We have three levels of service: Bronze, Silver and Gold, we also have a full range of repair services from a puncture repair to wheel building to suspension servicing. We also provide services based on individual needs

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